Helen Hughes

Helen Hughes: President of TES

I started teaching in 1958, and retired in 2005.

When my daughter, Meghan began shutting down in grade 2, I started a primary co-operative school in my home on Windsor Road. My son, Darcy, attended also, and my youngest son, Kelsey, was born into the school one Spring Break. We named it Windsor House. The school ran privately for 4 years and then we ran out of money. The North Vancouver School District took us in and we grew from 15 children to 200 in 30 years. I retired in 2005 when the school was 34 years old. My daughter, Meghan, is now principal there, and two of my grandchildren are students.

I have 4 grandchildren, 6 much-loved step-children and many wonderful foster children.

I am now living with my partner of 31 years, Robert O’Toole, in the house that my father built in 1950 on Westmoreland Crescent in North Vancouver.

Current Activities:

I keep busy by working at the school, looking after grandchildren, organizing conferences, participating in various committees on education and co-housing, tutoring, and occasionally indulging in water-colour painting. I still love to dance.