The Troy Project

This group met from 2005 to 2008 to develop architectural plans for a building that would reflect the TES Community’s guiding philosophy emphasizing respect, multi-age, non-coercion, and collaboration.

In December 2005, members of both TES and the Windsor House School Community met and formed the Troy Building Committee. This group consisted of Patrick Thrift, Gregg Brown, Helen Hughes, Anne Marie Slater, and Sarah Mills.

The committee’s purpose was to initiate and complete the pre-design work for a new model school facility. In order to achieve this goal, the committee set out to identify and articulate the vision, design goals, functional requirements, and space requirements as envisaged by members of TES and of the Windsor House Community.

With this in mind, the Troy Building Committee met regularly from December 2005 through March 2008. In this time, the committee also held four separate events to allow for community input: a brainstorming workshop for all ages, a teacher sponsored design activity for students, a design charette, and a gaming session.

The links below lead to the documentation of these efforts.

Troy Report This is the main text of the report.

Troy Report: Plans These are the rough plans which came out of the Participatory Design Workshops.

Troy Report: Comments These are evaluative comments (both pro and con) relating to the various plans derived from the Gaming Workshop.