TES Theatre Registration (Pay)

TES Theatre Company Registration Form

2022/2023 Season

Welcome to TES Theatre Company!

There are three parts to this registration process. Please complete all three in order to ensure your enrollment in the program.

  1. The registration form
  2. Signing the agreement
  3. Payment

If you have questions at any stage, please contact us for assistance: tesTEStheatrecompany@gmail.com

1. Registration

2. Agreements

3. Payment

Payment can be made in one of two ways:

  1. You can pay the year's total now, all at once.
  2. OR you can pay equal monthly payments, beginning now, and then on the first of each month up until (and including) June.

NOTE: If you plan to use some DL allotment funds, contact us at testheatrecompany@gmail.com and we will invoice your DL.
Or, if you require a subsidy, please complete our REQUEST FORM

NOTE: Please write the following in the message section of your payment:
"TES THEATRE PAYMENT for (your child's name)"

Use the above option to adjust your payments if you have DL funds or a subsidy. You can also use it if you want to pay the full ten months for the program you choose.

$ 0.00

We graciously welcome anything you can offer above the minimum to help subsidize families who cannot otherwise afford our program. Please feel free to increase your amount as you see fit.


Thank you for your registration with the TES Theatre Company!

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