Our Society


Every learner has an environment where they can grow and be themselves.


Transforming Education Society is committed to sponsoring, partnering with, and mentoring programs and projects that promote inclusion and respect for all learners through education that is inquiry-based, learner-centered, collaborative, and non-oppressive.


Transforming Education Society (TES) was incorporated in 1992 under the British Columbia Society Act and is registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. It was formerly called the Society for the Advancement of Non-coercive Education (SANE) until the name was changed in 2012.

TES (then SANE) was originally formed by a group of parents as a support organization for Windsor House School, a  publicly funded democratic school that operated from 1971 to 2019. Since then, TES has evolved into an umbrella group that supports self-directed, personalized learning environments, where learners collaborate with mentors, teachers, parents, and peers to determine the curriculum.

We believe that the collaborative skills learned in this educational environment will make the learner:

  • Better able to consider alternative points of views
  • More likely to generate as well as appreciate innovative ideas
  • Better equipped to contribute to democratic discourse and practices
  • A more engaged and able member of a democratic society

Given this belief, TES is therefore committed to supporting programs and projects that offer opportunities for learning that is inquiry-based, learner-centered, collaborative, and non-oppressive.

We are governed by a volunteer board of directors. For more information, see our bylaws.